Sunday, April 17, 2011

The beauty of natural scenery in Murung Raya Regency,Central Kalimantan

A variety of natural beauty that lay in murung raya regency highway, precisely located at the foot of the mountain is very spectacular Muller and make anyone who would look at him in awe, elegant green hills adorned with thick trees on the shady trees and beautiful.
In between the sidelines of the hill there are dozens of rivers flowing large and small, including river barito a length of approximately 850 km.
In the southern part of the river upstream cascade there is a very challenging to be conquered and the potential as a place in the sport of rafting. Source water at the river cascade is derived from the Muller mountains be several tributaries. This regency has an area of 23,700 square kilometers, here too there are waterfalls and hot springs are located in the village karali Kec. Tanah Siang about 12 km from Puruk Cahu, Murung Raya regency highway.
Here too there are many natural caves are very beautiful and in other areas there are Taman Nasional Gunung Bondang in addition we can find a variety of unique flora and fauna of Borneo. The regency located at the northern end of this central Kalimantan province directly beneath the equator and have a lot of good natural wealth of mining and natural results.

Written by terry raban kusumanegara