Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black or White

Sunday, April 3,2011

The rise of parcel bomb which had been tucked in a book entitled "They should be killed", was made public was restless , low explosive bomb. And the package containing the bomb addressed to some particular persons who is the chairman DPR. What is Terrorists ?
Terrorists were aiming for disturbing the public, so that cause panic and fear, another goal to lead to political chaos and want to take over of the Government, and want to create a sensation in society at large to pay attention to what they are was made, there are of them among those hurt . Because of their dissatisfaction with the government, so that someday could be a national and global tempest. As for the vision and mission a few of their to raise funds by way of robbing banks, drug business also their booty from the night club and discotiq. The terrorism justifies any means to achieve the goals and objectives in the name of religion (under the guise of religion), they consider it hallal, And in the teachings of any religion that teaches people not to rob or justifies any bad way for the benefit and purpose.
Terrorism is a violent action and the target is people who are not sin / guilty, civilians from the hands of these terrorists have been created an act of barbaric form of action animalisasi, social and political, cultural and economic.
Terrorism Crime Act
In explanation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2 Year 2002 on Implementation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1 of 2002 on Combating Criminal Acts of Terrorism, declared that terrorism is a crime against humanity and civilization and is one of the serious threat against the sovereignty of each country, because terrorism is an international crime that is causing danger to the security, world peace and harming the welfare of the community that needs to be done in a planned eradication and sustainable so that the rights people can be protected and upheld.
Characteristic feature of a terrorist crime is:
1. Have plan to implement those actions.
2. Done by certain groups.
3. Used violence.
4. Took the victims of civil society with the intention of the intimidate Government
5. Done achieve the fulfillment of certain objectives of the actors who can be a motive of social, political and religious.
Forms of Terrorism:
Personal terrorism that is bombing did someone on another person / group with the intent and purpose of personal, revenge or suicide bombings.
Terrorism is a Terrorist collective action with a mature plan, while the target of symbol of power and economic centers.
Terrorism will by the State or called State terrorism in action operations done by the State itself in the light of the open and not hide and more terrible. As example of Iraq, Libya.
Terrorism is act that is positive and some that are negative from the positive side they represent the aspirations of the community group / groups who are oppressed or are dissatisfied with any deviation will be undertaken by governmental authorities. From the negative aspect of society who become victims are civilians / innocent people.
The act of terrorism is barbaric because the victim / target of civil society / people who do not sin. They are do terror scare by threatening and frightening things that can not be accepted as common sense and logic, an act that is not justified by religion, barbaric and animalistic behavior and as his form occurs violations of Human Rights (Human Rights)

Written by ariewayq