Friday, April 22, 2011

the people's not a political victim

Indonesia has been independent since 65 years ago, but the economic crisis in this country still occur , so long time ago in colonized physically but now in colonized economically by the countries that gave loans to Indonesia. So that our country is driven into a huge debt with foreign countries that seem

not likely to be repaid by our country that the effect can only make people a lot to be miserable, poverty and unemployment increased. The economic crisis is a continuous negative economic growth and inflation more than 50 percent.

Other causes of economic crisis is the existence of corruption. collusion and nepotism which only benefits a particular group. Though Indonesia is a country that has the potential of rich natural resources if governance well and properly, it can be sure since the first the peoples already wealthy and prosperous and debt with other countries will in paying off, but what happened instead assets in state controlled by foreign investors.

Can be concluded if a leader / ruler does not have a high sense of nationalism and mentally already corroded, it will be more aligned to foreigners for personal gain and his group (of power is identical with the property). The promises sweet when the campaign just to fool peoples because once elected as leader of the original character will appear, so it is clear that the intent and purpose of a leader / ruler only to dredge and accumulate personal wealth and just the forgotten fate peoples . At the end of the story of a greedy leader who will be uprooted by people power and the victim is the people at large.

Why all the dificult problems it must be on the responsibility of the small people and the duafa, workers for example if the country were have big debt so that the community impact generally taxable goods prices soared, taxes rose, all the basic necessities rise, another example, if a country going in crisis of national and international warfare that happen ahead of the people against the enemy is not the ministers, generals or presidents, their leaders are even casually enjoy drinking coffee with the enemy, and therefore every leader should really be responsible and affection for its people. how people can advance can move forward, if leaders like ringworm tiger. Indeed I am as a writer did not accuse its leaders are corrupt, but those people happy at lied. already know a lot of inequality that occurred in Indonesia, but why most of us just did not say anything ... ... ... ... ... ... ..!!!

Written by Ariewayq