Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food crisis in Indonesia

State of Indonesia is an agrarian country a fertile and prosperous. In an agrarian country like Indonesia is the most important factor determining the welfare of the land since the country concerned.
Basic human needs are dependent on land there are three:

As the economic resources to support life.

Land to build houses.

Land as a land of graves.

In an agricultural country general land only controlled or owned by one party or individual or group of individuals. Even many who become landlords. But in other groups there who do not own the land, as a result of this all the major problems can be political destabilization and on the other side shows how different the lives of prosperous small portion of the villagers who have land vast land with the majority of poor rural population is a potential conflict because it raises social jealousy in that society. It is difficult to avoid because the land is an economic asset for its owner too political asset for its owner to be active in decision-making process at village level.

For those who do not own the land will experience two types of poverty:
economic poverty and political poverty.
About land ownership in Indonesia set in law number 5 of 1960 and through the transmigration program.

State of Indonesia is an agricultural country but why the food crisis could happen? current agrarian problems in Indonesia until the problem is very alarming in a country where the agrarian Indonesia to import agricultural products like rice, corn, soy, milk, meat and others.
High prices for seed and fertilizer farmers in difficulty to get added again with no guarantee of prosperity there are no subsidies to farmers, lack of appreciation of the invention that support agricultural productivity.
What is the solution for capital job as farmers ? the government must make it easier for farmers to obtain working capital from banks with the collateral of land and plants.
Written by ariwayq