Sunday, March 27, 2011

The meaning of the word dictator.

Too long a ruler to be a leader or president of a country is slowly starting to change the nature of a person to be dictator. Lord of the dictator is a ruler who has absolute power / absolute power that can be obtained through force or coup d'etat in a way that is not democratic. A leader who ruled the country in an authoritarian or tyrannical will oppress the people who would be very detrimental to the people themselves. In the dictatorship will happen corruption, collusion and nepotism, while people living in impoverished. Dictatorial leaders think only of personal interest only.
With the growing proliferation of corruption to the detriment of the people of poverty and unemployment are very high. The main problem was mental damage to the leader himself and failed to become a leader who is fair and wise. The behavior and actions of leaders such as this will directly destroy the integrity and leadership position in the eyes of the people. So it is not wrong if one day will be a revolution by the people.
Age factor that the elderly are also influential in terms of leadership and person because of a physical sense, their ways of thinking will increasingly weak / senile. A good leader has the nature of fair and wise and more attention to the interests of the people in comparison with his personal interests should also be the servants of the President (Minister) was given the position and the portion corresponding to the ability / skill each as one example of the minister of agriculture, but scholars in the field S2 economy.
In general, properties that must be owned by a leader:
Fair in all fields such as in a flat distribution of subsidies, in the legal field, rice for the poor, equitable development in all regional areas of Indonesia and others.
Rofiq is to bersosialissasi familiar with anyone indiscriminately or favoritism on any group or party, tribe, religion and race.
Muchsin is to give examples or practice in good deeds, so do not just theory but in practice as good as his words.
Mujhid is behaving saving example in the state budget expenditure know which to use and that too for the sake of the people. extravagant, glamorous, while the people scream. Having a good financial management.
Amanah is believed to in his words, his actions while serving as leader, as an example a lot of corruption by tax officials for their own interests. If tax money is managed by honest and maximal in Indonesia undoubtedly there will be no such thing as Beggar, Unemployment, Vagrant, people who do not have to stay home and rest.
Fatonah is intelligent, intellectual, resilient, agile, responsive and alert.
Tabliq is to convey information properly, correctly and transparently as an example of the state budget, the State foreign exchange.
Prints are good and wise is not easy to emotion, not selfish interests and the price will be herself.
Leaders are servants of the people who actually carry out the task to carry out the mandate of the people, the aspirations of the people. The existence of the president it is because of the people (in selected by the people).

Written by ariwayq