Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Palangkaraya is the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta in valued is not kondufsif to become the central Government and the central business circulation.Domestic economic activity that requires a lot for the Capital of Indonesia  will  the Move immediately to Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan). Palangkaraya has an area of ​​2.678.51 km in comparison with Jakarta that the with is only 661.51 square kilometers, there is no volcano and away from potential earthquake. Move the capital of Indonesia to Palangkaraya not difficult location not far from Jakarta and the fit is ideal, although cost large enough, but if the thought is ideal for long-term Central of Kalimantan very broad and strategic.

Presiden Ir.Soekarno. President of First Republic was the first person who wanted to move the capital of Indonesia to Palangkaraya, is really a brilliant idea, he was interested in the area at the time in Palangkaraya  is inaugurated as the capital of Central Kalimantan Province in 1957 and he was make to design regional such as the State Capital.

 And not just Mr. Soekarno, who want Indonesia as the capital of Palangkaraya Republic, but also Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives in charge of the State Government in the rated that exactly as the capital of Palangkaraya Indonesia is also Vice Chairman of Commissioners II Ganjar Pranoto agree if Parliament as the capital of Palangkaraya.

The main problem is the flood that hit Jakarta, traffic jams, crowded, so that Jakarta is now like a city where paralyzed,flood where many tall buildings in Jakarta to make the soil structure is damaged and cause flooding.

 In terms of infrastructure, the region of Central Kalimantan easier to get up, let alone its location in the middle of a strategic Kalimantan.So for other distributions and other information as well for the long term.

One of the Presidential speech excerpt ir.Soekarno when I do pole was puted Palangkaraya City Development in 1957, which reads:

 "Make Palangkaraya City as the capital and the models do not build buildings along the riverfront Kahayan and land along the banks of the river tersebut.Should the designation for the park, so at night that looks just beautiful fairy lights flickering when the person across the river."

 Palangkaraya very neat and has concept in 1999 earned the nickname City of Palangkaraya as the cleanest and orderly city in Indonesia.

 Palangkaraya City has a draft design before the population resides, the link that is wide on the left side of the street there are parks and street pendestrian park road between the road and not .Total dense population makes it extremely comfortable in the city of Palangkaraya ini.I am very confident that will be State Capital of Asia's most extraordinary, if realized a capital city of Indonesia.

Stategic, safe from earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters, and has a vast territory and natural resources such as: Gold, silver, coal, rattan, rubber, woods, cloves, coffee, pepper, palm oil, diamonds and Tourism Object beautiful that can say as a paradise on Tourism.

 For example, Object Tourism beautiful and interesting is Sebangau National Park, Batu Suli, Tanjung Putting and many more.Special to Object Tourism is located in the village of Batu Suli Manange  that often called Kec.Tewah Kab.Gunung Mas Upon Stone with the capital Kuala Kurun.

 Batu Suli is very unique  is located on the riverbank Kahayan who have a very beautiful scenery of Kuala Kurun journey towards this place takes about one hour by using a motor vehicle or motor boat while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the river Kahayan.

 Batu Suli has a very beautiful scenery  like Chinese paintings, beautiful, natural, and we can find a variety of flora and fauna are diverse in this place as well as historic sites.

Written by Terry Raban Kusumanegara.