Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lake Kamipang in Palangkaraya,Central of Kalimantan.

One of the attractive tourist object is lake Kamipang, the lake is precisely located in the Katingan regency, Central of Kalimantan. Travel route to the location of the lake, the first of Palangkaraya toward Kasongan by using the land route that takes about an hour trip, after arriving in Kasongan which is the capital of the Katingan, then in continue using the speed boat to travel to locations within the lake Kamipang approximately less than one hour we will arrive at the location of this lake.Lake Kamipang has its own uniqueness that is the existence of some island in this lake could move.
During the trip to the location of this lake will we be able to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery along the river and we shall increasingly feel awed, if have been in this lake. visible along the edge of the lake many orchids grow wild, and the attraction of wild monkeys who are always jumping from tree to tree and we can also see several other animal species unique and rare. Another unique thing right at 5 pm, the sky was suddenly dark, after the watch turns out there about about hundreds of thousands of black birds that are flying in tandem to the west as the sky closes. Very disappointing this place is not managed as a tourist object by government. one more thing for those of you who have a hobby of fishing here right place for your hobby.

Written by Terry Raban Kusumanegara